Saturday, 27 May 2017


There was great fun to be had on Channel 4 News last night.

Michael Fallon was humiliated when he denounced a quotation about Iraq War blowback because he thought that it had been uttered by Jeremy Corbyn.

In fact, though, it had come from Boris Johnson.

One might add that it has also long been the publicly stated view of MI5, and that it remains so.

Johnson is a shameless, utterly unprincipled chancer who hides behind the persona of an incompetent, bumbling buffoon.

Fallon, who lied through his teeth to Parliament when a Trident was accidentally fired at Florida, is an incompetent, bumbling buffoon who hides behind the persona of a shameless, utterly unprincipled chancer.

He is so bad that the voters of Darlington once actively preferred even Alan Milburn to him.

Why was either of them ever appointed? How and why has neither of them been sacked? Precisely what hold do they have over Theresa May?

Those are not rhetorical questions.

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