Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Theresa The Dead Cat

Lynton Crosby earns his money, I'll give him that.
Last night, we had Paxman asking why this or that was not in the Labour manifesto, rather than about anything that was.
We had some Tory caricature, possibly an actor, pretending to be a disgruntled Labour voter.
We had the Sun smear about Bin Laden, recycled despite having been disproved long ago (or what seems like long ago).
And we had endless banging on about the Olden Days from highly paid hacks who seem to think that it still is the 1980s.
Oh, well, Theresa May was bloody awful. When did you last see a television audience laugh in a sitting Prime Minister's face?
She has never been scrutinised in her life. But she is being scrutinised now.

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