Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rye, Indeed

In a reversion to the historical norm, the Conservatives came second here in North West Durham in 2015.

But their candidate this time, one Sally-Ann Hart, is listed as having her "address in the Hastings and Rye constituency".

They are always from the South. None of them has even pretended to live here since Theresa May in 1992, and she did in fact spend a lot of time here. She is well-remembered.

Meanwhile, Princess Pidcock has apparently managed to acquire a residence in Lanchester at less than a month's notice. Not bad for a 29-year-old charity worker.

I want the railways and the Royal Mail back in public ownership. I want an extra six billion pounds per year for the NHS, and an extra £1.6 billion for social care.

I want 100,000 new council houses each year, with the offer of homes to thousands of rough sleepers, and with a cap on private rents.

I want an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia. And I want to be sure that Britain will not intervene on the Islamist side in the Syrian Civil War.

In this country, however, we vote for individual candidates.

For whom am I going to vote?

If my Campaign Patron, Councillor Alex Watson OBE, endorses anyone, and if I do not say otherwise, then I agree with him.

Beyond that, know only that I will vote.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the first declared candidate in the country for the 2022 General Election.

Already organising, already campaigning, and already fundraising.


  1. And all because you didn't get a council nomination in 2003.

    1. What good has it done him? He didn't win, anyway. And despite being back in the village, he can never be the Labour candidate for this parliamentary seat, because it always has to be a woman, any woman. I can think of two local men, including him, who could reasonably have aspired to it this time, plus another if the Election had been in 2020, and another again who could reasonably have aspired to succeed whichever of them had got it. But no. That can never be.

  2. I think it's really sad, you so want to vote Labour this time, you would ideally like to be out on the doorstep, but you and the local party just can't forgive each other for ... everything.

  3. Just met Sally-Ann in Westgate where she came into the village coffee morning. She's a Northern lass born and bred who moved to the south to live with her husband. Her parents lived in Shotley Bridge. What a breath of fresh air! Lovely lady and I'm going to back a winner rather than a failed councillor!

  4. She has won a Council seat and a Parliamentary candidate opposed to Pidcock who lost her seat at Council and was selected from a Labour Part all woman candidate list.