Saturday, 6 May 2017

Simon Says?

Like a lot of people, I supported Andy Burnham in 2015 until the infamous abstention.

He is a figure of the mainstream Left, who would have been Leader if he had stuck to those principles in that instance.

And he has just won almost every ward in Greater Manchester, even beating the Leader of Trafford Council in Trafford.

Steve Rotheram is cut from very much the same cloth, and he served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Jeremy Corbyn.

Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City Region both contain some very affluent areas indeed, and the North West is a key electoral battleground.

As is the West Midlands. On the Outer Right of the Labour Party is Siôn Simon. How well did he get on?

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  1. Something is coming after the Labour Party, and you are going to be its Leader one day.