Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tripoli Truths

Libya, you say?

That he turned Libya into a cesspit of al-Qaeda and IS is what makes David Cameron, in a crowded field, the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime.

Salman Abedi's parents were precisely the Islamist dissidents for whom we waged that unmitigated disaster of a war. Indeed, they have moved back to Libya as a result of it.

Although Abedi, like Khalid Masood, was born in Britain, so closed borders would have done nothing to protect us from either of them.

Hardly any MPs voted against the war in Libya. But those who did so included Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Barry Gardiner.

Theresa May, by very stark contrast, has supported every war since she became an MP in 1997. Corbyn has opposed them all, and he has been correct on every count.

First as Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister, May has also cut the Police to the bone. Not for the first time, we see the result.

The presence of the Army on our streets after all these years of "The War On Terror" is an admission of the failure of that war.

In any case, how is that presence supposed to protect anyone from a bomb attack? It is not. It is naked electioneering by a Prime Minister who, like all of her recent predecessors, has been as bad to the Armed Forces as she has been to the Police.

The ostentatious deployment of the Army is the standing contradiction of the claim that the General Election campaign has been suspended.

The saying goes that the class war never ended, it was just that one side stopped fighting back. The General Election campaign is heading the same way. Do not allow that to happen.


  1. As the Police Federation said this afternoon, there'd be no need of the Army on the streets if Theresa May had not sacked so many Police Officers.