Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Electoral Energy

Well, that's renationalisation taken care of, then.

Whoever won this Election, then why would anyone buy shares in companies the price of whose products was set by Government Ministers?

Those companies could be bought back by the State for nothing. 

The only problem is that Theresa May wants to make the entire acquis communautaire the law of the United Kingdom even though there is to be no more British involvement in determining its content, effectively turning this country into a colony of the European Union. 

The acquis communautaire absolutely prohibits the renationalisation of anything that, having once been in public ownership, has ever been privatised.

But that is no small part of why Jeremy Corbyn has always been against it, so there is a solution ready and waiting.

May joined the Conservative Party of Ted Heath, she was never in the Commons with Margaret Thatcher, and she was never there while John Major was Prime Minister.

Economically, she is the most left-wing Prime Minister in 40 years, since Jim Callaghan's turn to monetarism in 1977; even when Gordon Brown nationalised banks, then it was not as if he was doing so out of first principles.

She is also the most pro-EU Prime Minister since Heath, if not ever.

There is an inherent contradiction in that, as Corbyn could tell her.

But that is where and what she is.

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