Monday, 29 May 2017

Fluid Issue

"Durham Pride" sounds like a real ale.

But it turns out to be quite a different sort of disturbance to those of us who are trying to work on Palace Green.
For that is where it has started. Neither the Cathedral, nor the Theology Department, has ever seen the like.
Still, you know that you are British when you see the little rainbow wristbands on the machine guns of the armed police.
Severe terrorist threat, indeed. Severe tourist threat, more like.
I have, however, a question for the LGBTs. In fact, I have several.
For example, since when would the Gs have anything to do with the other three? (As I have hinted, I am a Durham graduate in Theology.)
But the main one is this: "What does the B stand for?"
Take as long as you need.


  1. Hmmm. you might have a different view after a few months inside.