Thursday, 11 May 2017

"Extremely Dangerous," Indeed

Thus does Sir Michael Fallon describe the idea that the Armed Forces ought to be deployed only after all other options had been exhausted.

He is also on record as supporting a British nuclear first strike, and he lied through his teeth to the House of Commons when Trident was recently misfired at the United States.

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, contends that this country would be obliged to participate in an American-led intervention in the Syrian Civil War.

Theresa May has done nothing to moderate or contradict any of this.

All concerned are therefore unfit for office.

Not only that, but the credibility of anti-war voices such as Peter Oborne and Peter Hitchens now depends on their endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn against this madness.

Doubly so in the case of Hitchens, now that Labour is also committed to the renationalisation of the railways, and to the restoration of publicly owned regional energy companies.

His credibility on those issues now depends on that endorsement, too.

Fallon was also banging on today about the wonders of arming Saudi Arabia (in other words, IS and al-Qaeda), no doubt with a view to his own next career move.

Corbyn has promised to halt those sales immediately.

As advocated by Oborne and Hitchens.

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