Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Becoming Marginal To Stop Being Marginal

What with the statistical tie between Labour and the Conservatives in the North East, and what with the admirable Owen Temple as the Lib Dem candidate here at North West Durham, this seat is effectively a three-way marginal.

As it always should have been.

For at least 20 years, North West Durham has been held up as anomalous to the point of incomprehensibility, inexplicable in psephological terms, with a voting pattern that bore no resemblance to its demographic profile.

And now, we find ourselves used as a consolation prize for someone who has lost her seat on a different County Council to a Conservative, and whose own Labour MP has not retired after all.

Many Durham County Councillors have done a lot for the Teaching Assistants. But two have done the most. One is Alex Watson, who would have won here if he had stood in 2010. The other is Owen Temple.

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