Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Life Styles

Although ITV is increasingly the most balanced of the major networks in relation to this Election, Tim Farron was rather badgered on it last night about his views on abortion.

His "personally opposed, but I think that it should be safe, legal and rare" line is of course from Bill Clinton, as taken up by Tony Blair, and doubtless by Gordon Brown as well.

It is substantially more liberal, if that is the word, than that of David Cameron or Alex Salmond.

But it does not approach the total opposition to abortion and to its legality that has come down from John Smith and Charles Kennedy to Theresa May, or George Galloway, or Ronnie Campbell.

The Ronnie Campbell who, having also voted against same-sex marriage, was cheered to the echo at Jeremy Corbyn's rally in Newcastle in 2015.

The Ronnie Campbell who has not retired after all this time, leading to the use of this seat as a consolation prize for the woman who had been expected to succeed him.

And the Ronnie Campbell for whom she is presumably going to vote. Isn't she? Indeed, for whom she is presumably already campaigning. Isn't she?

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