Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Setting Sun?

Perhaps not, but it is an institution in marked and rapid transition.

No one embodied the old Sun more completely than Kelvin MacKenzie.

But now, he will "never work for it again".

He probably doesn't need the money, and he is 70, but it is difficult to see who else is ever going to employ him.

So this is the end of him.

Page 3 will be next, and for good this time. The Murdochs want Sky very, very, very badly.

And why not? They would make it worse than what, exactly?


  1. MacKenzie could write for the Lanchester Review. Or, the two of you could work together as freelancers. With your experience and contacts he could do well

  2. You underestimate yourself.

    1. Seriously, he is a creature from another age. Newspapers are far from finished; ask George Osborne. But no one would now create The Sun in its heyday.

  3. You are also a creature from another age
    You would be an inspiration to him