Monday, 8 May 2017

Les Valeurs de la République

Such as they are. But the point is that they are.

I tried to tell you. It is not about specific issues or policies at all.

The Front National is the political expression of what is really a different country, one of two that were founded simultaneously in 1789, and the one that compromised itself irreparably in 1940.

Therefore, its candidate for President will always be defeated by anyone else. Even by Emmanuel Macron.

Mere policies, even those as major as EU membership or Muslim immigration, do not enter into this.

That was why the other candidate ought to have been someone better than Macron, who will be as ghastly as Marine Le Pen would have been, only in his own way.

Just as nothing would have persuaded me to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, so nothing would have persuaded me to vote for either of these.

But Macron, simply by not being Le Pen, was always going to win by a landslide. So here we are.


  1. No wonder the Telegraph sacked you, erudite home truths like this would go down about as well there as they would in the Guardian.

  2. The recent success of the Front Nationale had nothing to do with historical events of no interest to anyone in modern day France. The reason their candidate got to the final round of the French Presidential elections ahead of Melenchon and the others was because of very recent events (and we all know what they are).

    I fear the celebratory mood here and in France will die down once there's another asylum seeker terrorist attack on French soil. And once Macron tries to send the Calais migrants here and joins the EU (as he's already pledging to do) in attempting to illegally blackmail Britain over our EU withdrawal.

    The EU Commission's own lawyers today say their £85 billion bill is legally baseless.

    We all knew this was pure unashamed greed and blackmail.

    I had to laugh at the wide-eyed naïveté of leftists like Emily Thornberry, Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron chastising Theresa May for her "xenophobic" reaction outside Downing Street and calling the EU member states our "friends" (ha!).

    As Peter Hitchens says, recent events confirm what the Right has always been accused of "xenophobia" for saying: the Europeans are not and never were our "friends."

    They are bitter enemies now attempting to plunder this country, punish us for voting the wrong way and interfere in our elections.

    But as David Davis rightly says: the British will not be bullied.

    1. Illiterate. You do not know the first thing about France. Literally not the first thing at all.

    2. What a silly little boy he is: "I don't have a clue what this is about so it can't be anything important." Le Pen's opponents have been shouting "Vive la République!" for a reason that you know, and I know, but our little friend is too stupid to begin to comprehend. By shouting it, they won and they will always win. "Historical events of no interest to anyone in modern day France"? Look at the absolute state of that.