Monday, 8 May 2017

Just The Ticket

The abolition of hospital car-parking charges is like free personal care for the elderly.

Any preferential spending in Scotland must be extended to the whole United Kingdom. Paid for by a reduction in the block grant to the Scottish devolved body.

That body has its own revenue-raising powers with which to make up the shortfall. Everyone's a winner. Easy.

The abolition of hospital car-parking charges is also a winner, like rent controls.

And like the capping of energy prices, which is such a winner that Theresa May has adopted it.

If she really believes in a country that works for everyone, then she will adopt this, too.


  1. You see, this is why we need you in Parliament. But what about PFIs?

    1. A Labour Government would be coming for PFI, the last one's biggest domestic policy mistake (and consistently opposed by Corbyn), in a very major way. I don't know why the Tories aren't. The whole thing is very profligate, and they didn't make the mess. Perhaps they will, if they win? Just cancel the contracts by Statute? Strong and stable, indeed.

      An Act of Parliament is an Act of Parliament. Just void the lot of them, and tell the beneficiaries to count themselves lucky that they are not being made to pay back the money that they have already received. It is perfectly easy to imagine either May or Corbyn doing that.

      That would no more be theft than any other nationalisation. Or than giving some Academy chain the freehold on land that had belonged to the local community since time immemorial.

  2. The NHS is not there to provide parking. They should pay.

    1. You'll be on your own with that one. Watch this happen whoever wins the Election.