Wednesday, 10 May 2017

And If They Stay, It Will Be Double?

Of the four people whom Jeremy Corbyn has at various times beaten for Leader of the Labour Party, which would now be sweeping the country, and why?

Believe in it when you see it, but if the bulk of Labour MPs really were to break away to the right, then that would cause mayhem in County Durham.

If anyone joined such a new formation, then Kevan Jones would be among them.

As would Phil Wilson, if he had kept his seat.

The unlikelihood of their doing so is the unlikelihood of the project itself.

Once, the outrider for such a venture was Dick Taverne. But now, its proponents must make do with Simon Danczuk.

Just suppose, though, that that did in fact come to pass.

Labour has barely kept control of Durham County Council, where its Leadership could politely be described as very right-wing indeed.

The present Leader, in fact, would go whichever way Kevan did.

As would several other highly prominent figures, one of whom shares a ward with a very strong Corbyn supporter.

Others elsewhere would simply follow that Leader, or they would simply follow Phil Wilson and the rest of that quintet at Sedgefield.

Would they go, taking with them Labour's majority on its longest-held local authority?

Or would they stay, thereby retaining many things, but not their credibility, and possibly not even their self-respect?

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