Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Library Cards Marked

Why is Lanchester library open only half the time? It has been like that for years. Yet nowhere else has to put up with anything like this.

Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon (for not as long as it used to be), Thursday all day, Saturday morning (for not quite as long as it used to be), and that's it.


Not only that, but the room that was always used for book groups, and what have you, has recently been designated "Staff Only", meaning that those things now have to be held in the main room, and cutting off access to the convenience despite the largely retired customer base.

To take such an opportunity, it has been declared necessary to cross the road to the community centre, which is not, however, considered the most suitable venue for children's singalongs.

Those are held in the library, complete with the sounding of duck calls when, "On his farm, he had some ducks, e-i-e-i-o."

What is going on in the community centre, in that case?

Any why, uniquely, is Lanchester library open only half the time, anyway?

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