Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Winning The South East

Not because it is electorally necessary, which it is not, but on the principle of the need to carry the whole country.

Rail renationalisation, as the first step towards public transport free at the point of use.

Water renationalisation.

And the restoration of rent controls.


  1. "And the restoration of rent controls."

    Really? After all we've learnt about the negative unintended consequences of price controls? You don't have to be a raging free marketeer to see this is a bad idea.

  2. Why have the comments from Maurice glasman and John Milbank been removed from here?

    Not Kamm and Thompson's influence again, is it?

  3. Good heavens, no. They are a matter of record, anyway. And I had a very good exchange of emails with John only in the last few hours, as it happens. Not on anything to do with that pair, I might add.

  4. I only suggest it, because they've both been Tweeting that John Milbank has changed his opinion of you.

    They said "does he know what Millbank thinks of him now?".

  5. Better than that, I know what John thinks of Oliver Kamm...

    On topic, please.