Tuesday, 20 August 2013

We Are What We Eat

Anyone who still believes that the Conservative Party has a conservative or a Tory bone in its body need look no further than the reaction from within it to today’s expression of concern by the National Farmers Union that the United Kingdom supplies a mere 59 per cent of her own food.

A domestic manufacturing base, a largely domestic food supply, and ownership of our own industries and resources by our own citizens, are all integral to national sovereignty, including national security. Nothing has weakened the Union more than the dismantlement of the nationalised industries, which created communities of interest among the several parts of the United Kingdom, and many of which had the word “British” in their names.

The feeble reaction from UKIP indicates that it is just another, competing expression of the takeover of the bovine Tory machine by successive waves of Country Whigs, Patriot Whigs, Liberal Unionists, Liberal Imperialists, National Liberals as one of whom Michael Heseltine first sought election to Parliament, Alfred Roberts’s daughter, those around the Institute of Economic Affairs (although its founders and its founding backer, like Roberts, never actually joined the Conservative Party), and now the Liberal Democrats.

UKIP is as incapable as the Conservative Party of thinking outside Liberalism. The I in its name is therefore meaningless.


  1. Import tariffs could hurt our own exports- that's the problem with protectionism.

    UKIP's solution is a good one-Roger Helmer is a smart chap. Far too smart for any of the Parliamentary parties.

  2. Are you saying that UKIP is not going to win any Westminster seats?