Friday, 16 August 2013

Fracked Off?

Is it all over?

I am not suggesting that it would be a good thing if it were.

But is it?

Is fracking now just politically impossible in Britain?


  1. Fracking should be welcomed - not least in your part of the world - the former power house of the UK for energy.
    Should not Lanchester become a beacon for fracking

  2. Fracking should be welcomed particualrly in your part of the country - it was the former power house of the UK and should be again. Surely the parish council could become a beacon for fracking - with you taking a proactive step to ensure that the people rather than the church gets it fair share

  3. Well, those rather answer the question in spite of themselves.

  4. new to blogging - so had to retype post - but impressed by your blog and views

  5. You are very kind. Do keep coming back.

  6. It is an inspiration that you can do all this and publish and own your own publishing house while also being disabled. No wonder people are jealous of you and snipe

  7. As I see it fracking has the potential to restore the north east to the position of national economic dominance that it enjoyed before the first world war. Why then is it only those (such as you) who are outside the mainstream political parties who see its potential to rejuvenate the area. Have you a wider more expansive policy on fracking - could not its revenue be put towards better housing and infrastructure if the revenue made stayed within the region

  8. I am sure that it could be. But I really do suspect that we have lost this one.

    When the Sussex Tories take to civil disobedience and threaten direct action, then it is all over.

    I doubt that we shall ever see fracking in this country. I take no pleasure in that fact, but there we are.

  9. Well done to those rural communities on resisting it.

    Although Labours mass immigration (the cause of our alarming birth-rate figures) will soon mean the paving over of the countryside, regardless.

    As Peter Hitchens wrote last week, the birth-rate figures are a scandal.

  10. Most of those births were not to immigrant mothers. That is not what is now happening. You ought to be pleased.

  11. Yes they are.

    The BBC's Mark Easton notes "babies born to foreign born account for over a quarter of the total while births to UK born mothers are remaining static".

    Chronic overcrowding, increased strain on services.

    Its more of the legacy of Labour's mass immigration policy.

    No wonder your pleased-you live in a village.

    Nobody who lives down here is pleased.