Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Simply An Embarrassment"

Jacob Rees-Mogg should be requested to return to his natural home planet.

And he will be.

When he loses his marginal seat.


  1. Why?

    One of the last traditionalists in Parliament-an outspoken supporter of hereditary peers and opponent of homosexual marriage. A strong opponent of the EU and all its works.

    A true conservative.

  2. The black tie dinner wasn't his fault-he was assured by others that this group had no links to any other organisations.

    Their leader Lauder-Frost says ""he explained his views on immigration to Mr Rees-Mogg after dinner, but they did not agree, with Mr Rees-Mogg giving an "assimilationist response"".

    So even he accepts Rees-Mogg didn't in any way endorse his racialist views.

    He may be the last man in Parliament who supports hereditary peers, a fierce opponent of the EU and all its works and one of the 140 Tory supporters of traditional marriage.

  3. If he could not be bothered to do basic research before accepting an invitation, then he is unfit to be an MP, and ought to have the Whip withdrawn.