Thursday, 29 August 2013

Not "Now The Anti-War Party"

UKIP is merely one among numerous parties with no MPs rightly to oppose any British war against Syria.

The Green Party, meanwhile, does have an MP. Respect has one. The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland has one. Plaid Cymru has three. The SDLP also has three. The SNP has six. The DUP has eight.

And the Labour Party, which has just kept the United Kingdom out of this war, has 257.

Collectively, they have a total of 280 more MPs than UKIP has.

That is to say, 280 more than none.

The Independent MP Sylvia Hermon, who voted against the Government, also holds one more seat that that. Indeed, no MP from Northern Ireland voted for this war. Not a single one. Over there, they know what a sectarian civil war looks like.


  1. Best conspiracy theory so far is on housepricecrash. More war means more safe haven money into London and New York. Neat, is it not?