Tuesday, 27 August 2013


"I spent 18 years campaigning against them," was Victoria Gillick's response to the mere mention of the Conservatives in the one conversation that I have ever had with her, which I doubt that she would remember. And that was before 2010.

With Neil Wilson's sentence to be reviewed, it is very high time for a review, to put it no more strongly than that, of Gillick competence, which Wilson's victim would undoubtedly have been deemed to have possessed, and by all accounts probably already had been.

The only possible reason to provide a contraceptive to a person under the age of consent is to facilitate the commission of an imprisonable offence.

If this girl could have been given the Pill or a packet of condoms, and certainly if she already had been, then ... well, we can all see where this is leading.

Don't lower the age of consent. Raise it, in fact. Throw the book at Neil Wilson.

And abolish Thatcher's Gillick competence.


  1. Strange. Victoria Gillick didn't think to mention the party that brought us mass abortion through the Steele Act?

    She sounds a trifle partisan, if I may say so.

    Neither of the two parties are innocent in the Great Annual Massacre that has been taking place ever since 67.

    Solely blaming the Tories is utterly preposterous. Beyond preposterous.

    People like that just don't deserve to be taken seriously.