Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Candle In The Wind

I demand that the Metropolitan Police investigate my theory that Ms Diana Spencer, formerly Princess Charles of Wales, died because her chauffeur was drunk and crashed the car.

Or is that just too far-fetched?


  1. Brilliant Peter Hitchens piece on the Labour Party today.

    Yes, Blue Labour died in utero- as I said.

    And, as Hitchens says, Bryant's immigration speech has thankfully blown up in his face "like an exploding cigar".

  2. He sounds increasingly desperate in his attempts to avoid saying "Vote Labour". He is not the only one among the more or less paleocon, and that will become more and more pronounced over the next year and more.

    It is an hilariously dated piece. And he still insists on treating Andrew Neather as an important person. He cannot possibly believe that.

    Now, on topic, please.

  3. The bigger question is what role did the state play in the demise of the Queen Mother - Europe would not have been allowed to triumph while she was still alive.