Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Following today's spectacular triumph, Ed Miliband ought to use his Conference speech to promise to save what little remains of Sunday trading restrictions after Thatcher and Major, which is already declared Labour Party policy in this Parliament.

To promise to renationalise the Royal Mail, thus killing its privatisation stone dead, because no buyer would take the risk.

And to promise to take each of the rail franchises back into public ownership as it came up for renewal, thus renationalising the railways at no cost.

All while demanding a straight In-Out referendum on the day of next year's European Elections, which only the Government could deliver.

At that point, even if it were not already, as some of us maintain that is and that has now been for years, then the paleocon case for endorsing Labour at the next General Election will become unanswerable.

It will then be over to Stephen Glover, Max Hastings, Philip Johnston, Peter McKay, Peter Hitchens (who has already been on record for a year that he will endorse any party committed both to the Sunday trading point and to rail renationalisation), Tim Stanley, Freddy Gray and all the rest of them.

They have done sterling work on Syria. The electoral consequence of their position is now obvious.


  1. The words "Labour" and "paleocon" don't belong on the same page never mind in the same sentence.

  2. You haven't mentioned the only party to oppose the Syria intervention unreservedly, on principle, from the start.

    Nigel Farage today confirmed that opposing Cameron's "gravest misjudgment" was the "most popular" thing UKIP had ever done.

    And David Davis is, of course , leading the Tory rebels.

    The anti-war coalition on the Right is building every day.

  3. If we are counting parties with no MPs, then it is by no means the only one.

    That, of course, does not include the Greens, who have also taken that position, and who do have an MP.