Thursday, 26 March 2009


At 80, Jean-Marie Le Pen is likely to be the oldest member of the new European Parliament, entitling him to chair the election of a President and to make a little speech. In 1989, the FN nominated the film director Claude Autant-Lara, then aged 88, at the top of the list in a region where it was guaranteed at least one seat, specifically so that he could do this. Who will guarantee a safe seat to someone over 80 in order to deprive Le Pen of, almost literally, his five minutes of fame?

But then again, the sight of Le Pen in this position would at least bring home to our electorate the fact that, both on the floor of the European Parliament and in the governing coalitions represented at the Council of Ministers, we are subject to the legislative will of Stalinists, Trotskyists, neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, members of Eastern Europe's kleptomaniac nomenklatura, people who believe the Provisional Army Council of the IRA to be the sovereign body throughout Ireland, and a growing band of neoconservatives (who have of course stolen other people's parties), soon to be joined by their ever-dependable Islamist allies from the resurgent Caliphate of Turkey.

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  1. I think there are already moves afoot to deprive LePen of his speech.
    As I understand it some senile old Italian is currently being persuaded to stand again for election.
    Much as I would like to see...indeed I now look forward in anticipation of the day the Common Market, EEC, EC, EU or whatever it calls itself these days come crashing to the ground, dont think it is helped by hyperbole.....even if that is the stock in trade of aspiring politicians.
    You seem to miss the point that terrorists are actually in government in a part of the "United Kingdom".
    It is of slightly higher import that Bairbre de Brun and Mary Lou McDonald representing terrorism in a talking shop.