Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Sheep That Roars

And bites.

People say that Rowan Williams is “woolly”. He is not. Like several of his colleagues, he is a very significant and a no-holds-barred critic of greed and selfishness. On the depression, he and they are spot on, even if he was spectacularly wrong about Sharia law a while ago.

It is just a shame that he has now turned his formidable ability to supporting the hysteria over climate change, which is really an excuse to destroy (or prevent the restoration of) high-wage, high-skilled and high-status jobs for the working class; an excuse to retard or reverse economic development in the poorer parts of the world; and an excuse to restrict travel to the rich.

He should instead be offering a characteristically robust critique of that hysteria. We can but hope that Dr Sentamu, Dr Nazir-Ali, Dr Wright and others will do so. Oh, and the Catholic Bishops, of course…

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  1. Well said.
    Will Self gave the game away in the Independent some months ago.
    Cheap air fares means the like of "ordinary" people ca go to Milan and Venice.
    Dearer air fares means it can be restricted to people who can really appreciate er Will Self.
    The burden of making adjustments for Climate Change will fall heavier on the "workers".
    Easier for "Sir" Fred Goodwin to downsize his £200,000 Mercedes.
    Considerably harder for nurses, teachers, council workers to downsize the 6 year old Nissan Micra