Friday, 27 March 2009

Questions For Question Time

Why travel all the way to Newcastle for a Norfolk MP, an Essex MP, a London-Surrey border country MP, a South East MEP, and Michael Winner? You might as well have the thing from London every week.

And, apart from that once a year thing, could you at least restrict the audience to people who are old enough to vote? I felt like I had accidentally switched over to Skins.


  1. Independence for the North East! At least then we could refuse Michael Winner a visa!

  2. I'm surprised he came. The fee must have been awfully good.

  3. You could always email the "Question Time" production office and suggest yourself.

    Perhaps you did and that is why you find the idea of participants traveling aroud the country somewhat peculiar.

  4. The addition of the "fifth" panellist in rcent years has been a disaster.
    Obviously it limits discussion but the most ridiculous element has been to get gimmicky and invite people deemed to be "relevant" and perhaps apeal to the "Yoofs". Thus David Mitchell or some alternative comedian show up their limitations.
    Having said that, Gareth Gates (is that his name) was surprisingly good.
    The tempatation for people like Michael Winner (admittedly not the most obvious representative of Yoofs) is to ACT rather than participate.
    Thus he did his usual "I am a happy fuddy duddy curmudgeon" more appropriate to a chat show than Question Time. QT now a chat show?

  5. Not a very good one, in that case.

    And it was Will Young, who beat Gareth Gates to win the first series of Pop Idol.

    I doubt that David Dimbleby had the faintest idea who he was.