Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Don't Mention The War

If today's Guardian is right and they really are going to stop teaching Hitler in schools, then just what are they going to teach? In this country, "history" means the War.

Oh, well, give it 10 years and a happy medium may finally be struck, with the teaching of the War, but of other things as well. Imagine!


  1. Gosh! What fools, to decide to take something out of the curriculum and fail entirely to consider what to replace it with. You'd think someone would have said something at some point.

    Well, this just goes to show how modern party politics has failed the electorate (again!) - where can we find a fresh approach? The people are clammering for one.

  2. I honestly don't think that they have any idea. According to the Guardian, it's going to be lessons about Facebook or something.

    They genuinely do believe that the only history is Hitler, and a sort of Ladybird Guide to Hitler at that. Take that out, and you take out history, "freeing" the curriculum time for things the children already know better than the teachers.

  3. In ten years time they will have so many more Wars to add to the curriculum.