Thursday, 26 March 2009

They Haven’t Gone Away, You Know

Colin Duffy.

Says it all.

If these really were breakaway organisations, then they would have been taken out by the main body. In fact, they are the main body.

The Real IRA is really the IRA, which is its own continuity.


  1. If only life were this simple.
    As I have mentioned before on my own Blog, it was the insistence of DUP and others that the IRA disarm.

    Personally I have no doubt that they have NOT disarmed and I believe their structures are also in place, awaiting a rather inevitable Round 2.
    The animosity between IRA/Sinn Féin is real enough. Surely the name should be copyrited.
    The Duffy/police "ALLEGED" case is quite different from the case involving the policeman. The speedy arrest of the "ALLEGED" killers could not have been happened without the active involvement of Sinn Féin/IRA.
    The method of taking these people out as advocated by you and me is sadly no longer practicable.
    On the other hand they will be as much "hors de combat" as the method we might favour.
    Clearly Sinn Féin/IRA has a project which they perceive as going to plan.
    Anyone (RIRA/CIRA) prejudicing that plan will I suspect be dealt way or another.

  2. Your own blog? What is its address?

  3. Ive actually mentioned my Blog before. Aspects of it I am sure you would like and others you would not like.
    It is written under a nom de plume/guere as it is more detailed than things that I might say in my own name.
    When I first psted comments here I assumed it would be a "one-off" hence my name for authenticity hence no link to the blog.
    In retrospect I regret that decision.