Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tony McNulty: Not For The Last Time…

Remember when people said that I was wrong about the old links between Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt on the one hand, and the old Paedophile Information Exchange (and, as it turns out, Paedophile Action for Liberation) on the other? They don’t say that any more. And they really won’t be saying it in the run-up to any Labour Leadership Election contested by Harman.

Those same people say that I am wrong that, back in the day, the IRA was receiving funds indiscriminately from the KGB, the CIA and a collecting bucket rattled by Tony McNulty. But the knives are clearly now out for McNulty…


  1. You were not wrong about McNulty but you did miss the bigger picture.
    Left wing loon becomes new Labour foot soldier and gets promoted way beyond his ability is the real story.
    Betrayal in one thing (his country, his principles) leads to betrayal in other ways. His infidelity is a running gag.
    So it can hardly be surprising that he is a bit callous financially.

    But is he actually a MI5 agent rather than a KGB or IRA apologist.
    Memorably he said that he spoke fluent Gaelic, his parents are from County Donegal. But when someone actually spoke to him "as Gaeilge" he announced that he only understood "Munster Irish"...which struck those listening as a very odd thing to say.

  2. Employment Minister done for FIDDLING expenses - an Employment Sham!

    Tony McNulty is a joke! He has failed to live up to the spirit of the rules and taken every opportunity to manipulate the system to his advantage. God help us for having such public servants who are NOT squeaky clean. Tony McNulty is hardly ever at Harrow East surgeries, takes anywhere between 3- 6 months to give appointments to meet constituents and then either fails to turn up or cancels appointments with very little notice. This bloke doesn’t use his parent’s Harrow Residence for Parliamentary duties. Shame on you Tony for not saying sorry and for NOT returning the money you have unjustly over-claimed - it’s people like you that bring this country to it’s economic knees. Very very bad judgment on your part!

  3. "You were not wrong about McNulty but you did miss the bigger picture"

    Oh, I put in within the bigger picture, namely:

    "Left wing loon becomes new Labour foot soldier and gets promoted way beyond his ability"

    But betrayal seems rather a strong charge. New Labour is not a betrayal of university-based sectarian Leftism from the Seventies. Not at all.

  4. And rather oddly touted (until now at least) for even higher promotion.
    Id be amazed if the MI5/6 did not have a file (of course they have one on Jack Straw).