Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saedinenieto Pravi Silata?

No, I can't read Bulgarian. I'm not going to pretend that I can.

But "Unity Makes Strength" when the only alternative being mooted to allowing Jean-Marie Le Pen, as the oldest MEP, to preside over the opening session is instead to give that role to the youngest MEP, Dimitar Stoyanov?


  1. Not least, when you look at his party's website

    (although they have appear to have reduced in number or hidden away the fascist-style salutes that used to characterise the website)

    Look who the party rep is standing alongside on the 4th picture down in the left-hand column ("Мещдународна дейност" = "Mezhdunarodna deinost" = "international activities"). Ah, chap called Jean-Marie, it would appear.

    Frankly, Ataka are a far nastier bunch even than the FN, too.

  2. These are the people to whose legislative will the EU subjects us.