Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Effectively Controlled

For reasons that strongly suggest that he has never read any Catholic national newspaper except The Tablet (which isn't really a Catholic newspaper at all), the new editor of the Northern Cross, a monthly newspaper owned by the Catholic Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle and distributed hardly if at all except on church premises, is refusing to print the following letter of mine:

Dear Sir,

Here in North-West Durham, there is to be an all-woman shortlist to choose a New Labour candidate in succession to Hilary Armstrong. This constituency has an exceptionally large Catholic population. Yet all-women shortlists are effectively controlled by the organisation Emily’s List, which requires support for abortion on demand up to and including partial birth. The New Labour candidate is bound to be of that view.

So there needs to be an alternative candidate: a pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker and anti-war candidate who is absolutely committed to Distributism, to the Catholic interest in public service provision, to the Catholic interest in foreign policy, and to the Christian heritage of this and other countries.

The Independent vote last time, one third of the Tory vote, half the Lib Dem vote, and one third of the Labour vote add up to more than the remaining two thirds of Labour support. In short, this seat can be taken.

We need a captain in each parish, who will know where our vote is and who will get out that vote. We need to start organising now. Anyone interested, please contact Remember, we only need to be the first past the post. But we need to get our act together without delay.

Yours faithfully,

David Lindsay

Look out for if it ever does see the light of day. If not, then the one thing guaranteeing this largely Catholic constituency a partial birth abortionist for an MP is the collection-plate-employed liberal wing of the Catholic Church.

The editor's name is Andrew Smith, and he can be contacted on - do feel free to BCC things to my address above. No sender's name will be used should any be so good as to warrant reprinting here.


  1. Ah, I suspect he has also read the Catholic Herald.
    I think it reflects the fact the Editor defined your letter as "political" rather than "specifically Catholic". You are after all a politician.
    I suspect that had the same letter been written by a non-politician it would be published.
    A tactic might be to have it re-written.
    Not a good tactic to alienate the Editor either by questioning his professionalism.

  2. He clearly does not read the Herald, or he would not have given the specific objection that he did.

  3. Are you ground, cashew or pea?

  4. None of them. It looks as if we've won this one. But plenty of things are in reserve: boycotts of and by advertisers, problems with the Charity Commission, mailshots to parishes to refuse to distribute, there's very little we won't do.

    How dare the "editor" of the diocesan freebie presume to deprive a largely Catholic constituency of a pro-life candidate as such! Who does he think he is? If he continues down this road, then, well before the Election, he'll be nothing at all.

    But mercifully for him, it looks as if he won't.

  5. How dare you demand the publication of your letter? It's up to the editor what he puts in the publication he edits.

  6. You haven't seen (and won't be seeing) the reason that he gave. The liberal parasite-body, paid for by us in the pews, wants to stop this candidacy. Well, now rather a lot of people have been made aware of that fact...

  7. Hang on a minute - wasn't a mention of the British People's Alliance in the Northern Cross trumpeted from the rooftops last year? Indeed, wasn't it the only print publication that ever acknowledged the party's existence?

    And now they seem to be the embodiment of pure evil. How times change.

  8. Praise be! Hosanna in the highest! You are doing the Lord's work!

  9. There was a different editor then, Der Zwerg.

  10. I can confirm that I have written to the Editor

  11. oops I did not intend to post a comment without using my name (not my style)
    I can confirm I have written to the Editor