Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Beautiful Game?

Or just the "beautiful", preening, pretty-boy players?

People have had it out with me on here in the past for daring to criticise the "working-class" game of football, with its season tickets so obviously pitched at the manual labouring market. Well, each England player's new strip is bespoke - measured for, and then run up by, a Savile Row tailor. Each new member of the squad will go through this, as a sort of initiation. What a touching act of solidarity in the current economic climate.

I sometimes wonder why the really big Premiership clubs still bother with football. They are so rich that they could name a "squad" of simple beneficiaries of some sort of trust fund. The fashion, the glamour, the gossip, the drugs, the drink, the sex, the lot could then just carry on as before, with no need for training sessions or what have you. Who would be able to tell the difference?

The pricing of the working classes out of football, its legendarily bad treatment of its staff, and its use as a sort of circus of performing chavs as there might be performing seals or the performing monkeys like which they are now even trussed up, cannot be tolerated for ever. Or, indeed, for very much longer at all.


  1. Ah David, I suspect you have been watching football in the North East for much too long.
    If I had to watch Sunderland, Middlesboro or Newcastle United, I would probably feel the same.
    You will feel so much better when Newcastle are playing Hartlepool, Carlisle and Darlington LOL

  2. Almost incalculable damage is done to the North East by the idea that no one here is interested in anything except football. Why do you think that we can't get the Lindisfarne Gospels back? Examples are practically too numerous to list.

  3. The Greeks won the European Championship a few years back.
    They should concentrate on getting the Elgin Marbles back. :)

  4. They have about as much chance of that as ... well, you can finish that one off for yourself.

    "You will feel so much better when Newcastle are playing Hartlepool, Carlisle and Darlington LOL"

    LOL, indeed...