Saturday, 28 March 2009

Latter-Day Lib Dems

According to The Catholic Herald, the Lefebvrists' possible purchase of a redundant Anglican church in south Manchester is being opposed by Councillor Jackie Pearcey of Gorton North, on the grounds that they are "the Church of the Latter-Day Holocaust Deniers". Councillor Pearcey is a member of the Lib Dems, a party which wishes to abolish Catholic schools, but which now presumes to determine who is or is not a Catholic.

Oh, well, if shouty but self-appointed American Jewish organisations, and culturally Protestant atheist or agnostic German politicians, get to do so, then why not the Lib Dems? At least there are Catholics in the Lib Dems, although heaven knows why.

The Lefebvrist (redundant Anglican) church in Gateshead has excellent relations with its very Jewish local community, and the organ there is played by a distinguished scholar of Judaism, my friend Professor Robert Hayward, Professor of Hebrew at Durham.

But why let facts like that stand in the way of any possible reconciliation with those who have dared to suggest that the Church did not start again from scratch when the name of Vatican II was misappropriated by the forces of what is any case now the defunct secular humanism of the middle twentieth century?

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