Friday, 27 March 2009

News Of The Real World

Fraser Nelson was on the Today programme, going on about how "mobile" bankers are and how much income tax they pay. So we have to be nice to them. Apparently.

But where would they go? Where would take them in at the moment? There would be politically serious calls to deny them entry to many countries.

Anyway, they are not really "mobile" at all. The ones here are almost always either British or Irish. They only want to live in one of two cities on earth. And they don't want to live in New York in America's current pitchfork mood.

As for income tax, they don't pay it.

Radio Four and The Spectator are one thing (up to a point), Fraser. But good luck writing this in your News of the World column.


  1. 'Fraser Nelson' sounds likes a small town in the middle of British Columbia.

  2. Well, he is Scottish, so you never know.

  3. David, I don't pretend it's an easy argument. And please can I stress I distinguish the venal Nick Lesson types from the vast majority of honest financiers whom I seek t defend. But where will they go? Here's a clue

  4. They don't want to live in Japan, They want to live in the only two cities on earth to provide quite the lifestyle that they want, both of which are conveniently English-speaking.

    I do not defend the Hang A banker mentality, still less attacking anyone's home. But even so.