Sunday, 29 March 2009

Angry and Offended

Jacqui Smith’s husband says that he can understand why people are “angry and offended” at the “additional items” that were charged to her expenses account.

But it seems that neither he nor she can see anything more infuriating or offensive than the billing error involved. Yet Mrs Timney is allegedly one of this Government’s leading feminists.

Still, how can she possibly have known what was going on in Redditch, when her “main home” is the cupboard under her sister’s stairs in London?

Another situation about which I for one am angry and offended.


  1. Angry.....offended......and bemused and amused.
    This woman is in charge of the operations to keep anger off the streets this week.
    A cynic might suggest the Government was actually disappointed there was no violence in London on Saturday.
    The spooks would not be doing their job right if they had not infiltrated the "anarchists".....probably even a few agents provocateurs in there.

    Those who the gods destroy they first make mad.
    There is a sheer madness about Labour now as they are on the brink of terminal decline.

    Lets not forget its not just Smith and McNulty, not just Labour.
    a lot of snouts in a lot of troughs.

  2. Maybe that conversation is going on behind closed doors rather than in the pages of the newspapers.

  3. Rather more dignity than New Labour (of all parties) is accustomed to showing.

  4. Not very nice when people know your private business is it! So leave us all alone, Jacqui.