Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Agent Orange

Newsnight considered it unworthy of the coverage that was instead afforded to pirate radio.

But today's withdrawal of the UUP from the Northern Ireland Executive illustrates an important rule.

Whichever of the two Unionist parties is not providing the First Minister is always that bit more sceptical about the whole process.

Not much. But that bit.

In any case, as it matures, the Northern Ireland Assembly could do with a proper Opposition.

What will make the SDLP adopt that stance, too? Something quite soon, I expect.


  1. People who know these things know you have a lot of friends in the Unionist parties and the SDLP. You are not telling us everything you know in this post, it is is fascinating to try and read between your lines. You are effectively Corbyn's link man to the anti-austerity Unionists and the non-abstaining but broadly Burnhamite SDLP, too. None of them might know that yet but that, ladies and gentleman, is Mr. David Lindsay.

  2. Do you think the DUP will pull out and risk a return to direct rule?

    1. I doubt it, but I would no longer rule it out. That would be a huge gamble for the DUP, but these are feverish times over there. I am waiting to hear from a very good source this afternoon.