Friday, 11 November 2016

Parallel Lines

With or without an indictment, everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is guilty.

Even her most loyal supporters do not deny that she did the things of which she is accused. They merely posit that, because she is Hillary Clinton, she is entitled to do as she pleases.

And with or without an inquiry, everyone knows that the NUM is right about Orgreave.

Even Amber Rudd does not dispute that version of events.

Perhaps the most striking thing, so to speak, about Orgreave is what a cheap date the Conservative Right has become in its old age, flattered by even the slightest romantic attention.

Theresa May can put trade union reps on the boards of private companies, and she can pay Nissan to pay people in Sunderland.

But as long as there is no official inquiry into Orgreave, then the Right is in a state of positively unseemly delight.

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