Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Old Gang

Right now, there is a Minister of the Crown (I do not know which one, but I guarantee that there is one) who is terrified that that 30-year-old photograph of him with Thomas Mair is about to turn up on the Internet.

It is inconceivable that none of his own generation of Pinochet and Botha fanboys who are now running the country ever knew him.

In October 1997, into the Blair and Hague years, a friend of mine who was fairly high up in the Young Conservatives showed me the catalogues that were automatically sent out to everyone in that organisation. 

White supremacist and Holocaust denial literature, and cassettes of the marching music of the Waffen SS. Yes, really.

The days of treating even support for the NHS as Loony Leftism, while maintaining no right flank whatever on the officially designated political mainstream, are well and truly over.

The dominoes are going to start to fall, and some highly prominent people in what thinks that it is now this country’s perpetual party of government need to be very, very, very afraid.

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