Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Richmond Parking Ticket

I have a lot of respect for Christian Wolmar, whose expertise on transport and on housing would usefully grace the House of Lords.

But he has promised to vote against Article 50, a view that even Blairites as hardline as Jamie Reed no longer hold.

And he proposed a motion of No Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn at a meeting of his own Constituency Labour Party.

In any case, Labour is contesting Richmond Park at all only because Red Labour insisted on it.

Barnaby Marder really did deserve the nomination that would not even have been available without his efforts.

Still, Zac Goldsmith, whose vicious Mayoral campaign this year was no aberration, does deserve to be beaten by someone.

With no difference among the candidates on Heathrow expansion, the Richmond Park by-election is purely about race.

Any election with Zac Goldsmith as a candidate is by definition about race.

That was what he chose, for the rest of his life, with his despicable campaign for Mayor of London.

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