Monday, 28 November 2016

No Bootle Bonanza

Paul Nuttall is the right-wing bore in the corner of every Northern pub. 

UKIP, which has never won a seat here, will take even fewer votes here under him than it did under Nigel Farage. 

What is this bizarre fantasy that the Northern working classes do not like Jeremy Corbyn? 

They turn out to see him in their hundreds of thousands, at what are comparable to religious experiences.

The idea that they would prefer the bloke on their street who thought that Maggie had been right all along, or if anything too soft, is completely laughable.

Contrary to what people in the South seem to imagine, we have never had uncontested parliamentary elections up here.

Nuttall is exactly the type that has been losing them forever.

But I do love the idea of the Kippers voting for a Scouser. I find it hilarious.

Like the fact that UKIP does well (by its own standards) in Wales.


And what do the Alan Partridges of UKIP think of the Welsh?

I find this delicious, like the fact that they are now going to have to applaud a man whose accent they would consider unemployable.

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