Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Chosen People?

Imagine the reaction from New York to Hollywood if an incoming President of the United States were making overtures to a foreign state the politics of which was increasingly dominated by parties loyal to religious leaders who believed that women ought not to be named in newspapers and that the punishment for male homosexual activity ought to be death.

Imagine the reaction from Mea She'arim to Tel Aviv if an incoming President of the United States were surrounded, not even by people on the fringes of neo-Nazism, but by, among other people, the Chief Executive of its leading online source of hope, succour and validation.

Trump and Israel have chosen each other over American Jews.

What will American Jews now choose?


  1. As you know, this has been brewing for years.

  2. But what about the fact the (Moscow)-Damascus-Hezbollah-Tehran axis favors Trump? And is feared by Israel far more than it fears various jihadi groups.