Saturday, 19 November 2016

Always Believed

The comments are often so good that I have to post them above the line. But do try and give names, brothers and sisters:

To quote you elsewhere, Mr. L., it is hilarious to hear people who voted twice for George W. Bush, voted for John McCain and voted for Mitt Romney now claiming that Donald Trump represents everything that they have always believed in.

Of course, if he had relied on McCain and Romney voters, then he would have lost.

He won by winning the votes of people who had voted twice for Obama, in states that Obama had carried twice but which Clinton could not win.

Trump did that by rejecting international capitalism and Russia-hating, Saudi-loving warmongering as completely as Jeremy Corbyn does.

The places that would have voted Republican anyway voted for him, in the way that the Tory-Ukip areas voted for Brexit as even the BBC had expected them to do.

But if they alone had done that, then Trump and Brexit would have lost.

Brexit was won from the Corbynite working-class Left in areas that would never elect a right-wing MP unless he were pretending to be Labour.

And Trump won from the working-class Left that elected and re-elected Obama, and which would have voted for Bernie Sanders if he had been on the ballot.

Spot on.


  1. The Dems took a beating this year, but it's the GOP as we've known it that has been dealt a killer blow. Something similar happened after the Brexit referendum, Labour was already led by a Leaver in all but name who was surrounded by open Leavers, but the Tories couldn't even find one of those and had to give it to someone who's determined never to leave the EU and who only got the job because that was her view.

    1. Quite. Theresa May is Conservative Leader, and thus Prime Minister, because she did not campaign to Leave the EU, because she has absolutely no programme for doing so, because she did not vote against same-sex marriage, and because she does not believe that women without children have no stake in society. In short, Theresa May is Prime Minister because she is not Andrea Leadsom.

      Any one of having campaigned for Leave, having any programme for Brexit, having opposed same-sex marriage, or believing in her own lack of a stake in society, would have been an absolute disqualification from the Leadership of the Conservative Party.

      Whereas the Leader of the Labour Party does have a programme for Brexit, worked out in great detail over 40 years.

  2. You've seen how Corbyn is received in the Brexit-swinging areas, including by well over 100,000 people at a time. It would be fascinating to see if Farage or any of the current candidates to be Ukip caretaker leader would draw anything like those crowds or that affection. Nuttall in particular is that nasty Far Right bloke on every Northern street who thinks he's cut above and whose wife is even worse.