Friday, 18 November 2016

No Longer A Respectable Establishment

Bastions of the liberal order are starting to realise that they only won elections when they stopped everyone else from standing any meaningful chance of winning them.

As soon as an anti-globalist made it onto the ballot for President of the United States this year, then that candidate was going to win.

An Establishment Republican would have lost to Bernie Sanders.

As it turned out, the ultimate Establishment Democrat lost to Donald Trump.

Those who are still loyal to the Global Empress, and the High Priestess of the Cargo Cult, are screeching at those who for whatever reason could not bring themselves to vote for her.

But for whom are they themselves going to vote in 2020, between Donald Trump and a Democratic nominee from the anti-globalist Left?

Also in 2020, there will be a British General Election between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, who is hardly a figure of the George Soros superclass.

Or else between Corbyn and whoever had replaced May as a result of an insurgency in her own party, an insurgency inspired precisely by Trump.

We are the masters now.


  1. You, Neil Clark, Rod Liddle, George Galloway: the four grand old men of the "At least he isn't Clinton, at least the workers beat the liberal elite" Left.

    1. Well, I am by some distance the least grand and the least old of that quartet. But we are all keeping a close eye on unfolding developments, and so should everyone else.

      It is all starting to look like a case of, "Whoever you vote for, the neocons always win." Plus a second generation Goldman Sachs partner as Secretary of the Treasury. The second generation Goldman Sachs partner, in fact, who was Finance Chair of Trump's Presidential campaign.

      Ho, hum. At least he isn't Clinton. And at least the workers beat the liberal elite.

  2. Alternatively the Tory insurrection could be to restore a neoliberal neocon to Number 10. Also inspired by Trump but in a different way. Look out for that if Sarkozy beats Le Pen: "Look, it can be done, so let's do it here." Anna Soubry is already on manoeuvres.

    1. Heavens, what an image.

      I despair of France next year. Even more than I did of America this year, and that is saying quite something.

      I couldn't have encouraged anyone to vote for Clinton, even against Trump, or for Trump, even against Clinton.

      But I really could and would implore everyone to vote for whoever was the other candidate if Le Pen had made it through to the second round.

      The FN, any FN, is evil. Truly evil.

  3. Kamm saw you, Clark, Galloway and the rising stars' little missive when it appeared in print in the Morning Star, which gave it an unusual amount of space by printing it in full. He went ballistic. Following Corbyn's "voice of the left behind" response to Trump as to the referendum, the likes of Kamm know that it's all over for them. They're rich enough not to have to worry but they desperately want to be important as well as rich. Like Trump but without the success.

    1. Several of the oldest rising stars in the business in that case, but I take your point.

      Who left behind the left behind? You did, Hillary, Tony and Oliver. You did.

  4. I love the fact that signing up with you, George and Neil and getting it published in the Morning Star is now the way for very young men to advance their careers in the Labour Party. Like appearing on RT, the only channel that gives any kind of earing to the Left in general and Corbyn supporters in particular. And George's Talk Radio programme that, as you triumphantly tweeted last night, has the Durham Teaching Assistants on it this week. Your had in that, as when you arranged their meeting with Jeremy at the Gala? Assume Rid agreed with every word of the Trump letter but still wouldn't sign it. Rod is Rod.

    1. We wouldn't have him any other way.

      Note that that letter also included support for the Durham TAs. Again, that, and certainly not support for the "Labour" Group on Durham County Council, is clearly now assumed to be the way to get on.

      RT is also the only channel that gives any kind of hearing to, among other people, British Muslims, and the traditional Right. The latter includes one of the young signatories to Trump letter. Orthodox Catholics, as such, need to work on it.

      If it is absolutely toxic links that you want, then try the Clintons, or Tony Blair, or The Times. The Guardian and even the BBC also need to watch themselves in these very changed times.