Friday, 11 November 2016

Loose, Change

Britain is a nuclear weapons system, with the skeleton of an Upper Second World country barely maintained out of any leftover loose change.

That nuclear weapons system will soon to be controlled by Donald Trump, but it would otherwise have been controlled by Hillary Clinton, so there we are.

Likewise, Durham is a cricket club, with the skeleton of a unitary county council barely maintained out of any leftover loose change.

Not even that, in fact.

Primary school children, in particular, were shown DVDs all day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In schools that were arguably open illegally under health and safety legislation.

The primary curriculum, at least, cannot be delivered without the Teaching Assistants.


  1. Special assistants are possibly the only group in society who have benefited from mass immigration.

    There are now many primary schools where English is the minority language in the classroom.

  2. You are right, of course. The whole primary curriculum and the health and safety arrangements both presuppose the TAs and have done for many years. Without them there is just babysitting and babysitting is not education. That is true nationwide, it has nothing to do with immigration or how many people in a classroom can't speak English. As you say, that hardly exists at all in this county. But take out the TAs for a day or two and you either close the schools or sit the children down in front of DVDs without even allowing them out at break time because there is no supervision. Babysitting, not education.

    1. Regrading is needed as a matter of the utmost urgency.

  3. I'm sorry to break it to you but I wasn't just referring to County Durham.

    The special assistants industry has benefited enormously from mass immigration which has created jobs for many of them.

    Many primary school classrooms require legions of them just to get foreign children up to speed with basic English.

    Of course, my solution is to stop the immigration.

    1. Of course, you are just jabbering now. There are exactly as many TAs anywhere, because that is how education now works.