Friday, 11 November 2016

Babysitting, Not Education

For the second time in as many days, an anonymous comment that deserves to be posted in its own right:

The whole primary curriculum, and the health and safety arrangements, both presuppose the Teaching Assistants, and have done for many years.

Without them, there is just babysitting, and babysitting is not education.

That is true nationwide, it has nothing to do with immigration or how many people in a classroom can't speak English [another commentator had seriously tried to bring that into this].

As you say, that hardly exists at all in this county.

But take out the TAs for a day or two, and you either close the schools, or you sit the children down in front of DVDs.

Without even allowing them out at break time, because there is no supervision.

Babysitting, not education.

Regrading is needed as a matter of the utmost urgency.


  1. Really? Gosh, then how did the previous, (far better educated) generation get by without any "teaching assistants"?

    My mum and dad both went to state schools-one a grammar school, the other a secondary modern-with no "teaching assistants" and the exams were far tougher and more rigorous than our pathetic GCSE's and devalued A-Levels.

    As the respected OECD survey shows, in Britain, the present generation is far worse educated, (and scores lower in numeracy and literacy) than their grandparents.

    Hilarious how the Left invents a "need" for some state-funded provision that never existed when society was far better off than it is now.

    1. You are hopelessly out of your depth. Illiterate, indeed.

    2. Your parents must have gone to school a very long time ago. The dispute in Durham is over changes to an arrangement made more than 40 years ago to deal with a problem that had arisen out of a prior arrangement that was already decades old by then. The TAs were signing on in the holidays, so it was agreed to pay their term time wage in 12 monthly instalments. That was in the 1970s. Either your parents went to school before the War (if then), or they are lying, or you are lying, or you are just making up rubbish in the dead of night.

    3. And I think that we can all see which it is.