Saturday, 8 October 2016

Stand Against Him

"If Tony Blair stands for re-election to the House of Commons I will stand against him. And I will expect thousands of you to help me," tweets George Galloway.

Let Blair find a Constituency Labour Party that would select him, and then let him find a constituency that would elect him.

Probably every CLP in the country now has a Corbynite majority, and even most of the people who had voted for Owen Smith would be no friends of Blair's.

Blair is the most reviled and despised British politician in living memory.

He is the head of a movement that has 200 or so MPs spread between Labour and the Conservatives this side of the boundary changes, but which will never again control any party.

In fact, given the option, most CLPs would now be far more likely to select Galloway, who would certainly win a Labour Leadership Election against Blair if such a thing were to be held at any future time.

That, of course, is not going to happen. But some electoral contest between them is not beyond the bounds of possibility.

No one has the slightest doubt what the outcome would be.


  1. Galloway tells Who's Who that he is 62, you tell Facebook that you are 39. You have done too much standing aside in your life. This is your time.

  2. Desperate stuff over on Harry's Place, casting George Galloway as Donald Trump following Galloway's threat to put up against any attempt by Blair to get back into the Commons.