Monday, 24 October 2016

Day and Age

How are we supposed to tell the ages of refugees, should we wish to do so?

I don't think that you can tell age with certainty.

But a pub won't serve anyone who is obviously underage or who, being on the cusp, cannot produce ID.

That is the best that anyone can do.

In that situation. Or in this one.


  1. All but four of the other countries in the EU, use dental scans to check their ages. But, as Peter Hitchens wrote yesterday, this is really beside the point: it's all a load of left-wing propaganda, because these people are neither children nor "refugees."

    Why are they fleeing from France? The bad coffee?

    1. We never said that we would only take children. And no one stayed in the Jungle if they could have been even only one of the Arab or African pedlars on the streets of Paris.

      The dental tests have been illegal in Britain since 1982, they would be against medical ethics anyway, and they do not work. The BDA is truly aghast to find people who still believe in the efficacy of such a practice. What next, leeches?

  2. They were no more in the Jungle because they preferred it than the miners fought for their jobs even though those jobs were rubbish and they didn't want any of their sons going down the pit. But the saloon bar Right will convince themselves of anything.