Monday, 24 October 2016

A Matter of Life and Death

I am completely unsurprised that anti-Corbyn Labour MPs wished death on Jeremy Corbyn in yesterday's Sunday Times.

I have heard the calmest people I know, men and women of vast political experience, tell me that they fully expected Jeremy to be murdered.

After all, a certain political tendency does have form, doesn't it?

Many years ago, that tendency's local operation here, which was extremely well-connected at national level (the then MP was the Government Chief Whip at the time), did make a full-blown attempt on my life.

I can still feel the hands around my throat.

The Police are among those who know all about it, and the political power of those who planned and perpetrated it is long gone.

I will be a County Councillor for this ward from May of next year. And a member of the Parish Council again, having stood down voluntarily in 2013.

I will be the Member of Parliament for this constituency from May 2020.

Neil Fleming will never again be elected to anything, or hold any public appointment.


  1. Is he still calling you a mulatto? Between him and Durham County Council, you should be proud not to be allowed in the Labour Party.

  2. David, David, David. That post alone should be used to prevent you from any public office. Attempted murder indeed!

    1. Indeed.

      That is why I am not always very sympathetic towards claims to have had threats and what have you. I have had the real thing. Incompetently executed, so to speak. But that speaks for itself.

      Neil Fleming and the others involved do not deny any of this. It is common knowledge round here. It was much discussed on this site at the time. But they think that they got away with it.

      Well, if they stay out of my way, then they did. I have nearly died of natural causes at least twice in the meantime, so I see the world differently these days.

  3. The time they tried to murder you is the stuff of legend. And yes it is very funny that they couldn't even get that right and you are still alive all these years later.

    1. There have been far more competent attempts to finish me off, by the forces of ulcerative colitis and a pulmonary embolism. But I have seen them off, too.