Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Taking Off

Crawley is a Labour target seat, and rumour has it that Jeremy Corbyn intends to impose the whip for Gatwick.

As for Richmond Park, the decision of the Conservatives not to field a candidate makes a nonsense of Zac Goldsmith's entire gesture.

The Greens are also highly likely to endorse him, effectively making him the joint candidate of what, at that eco-toff level, have always been those two very close connected parties.

Jonathan Bartley is not an aberration. David Cameron's "Vote Blue, Go Green" was not an aberration, either.

Remember his profound scepticism about the nuclear energy that the previous Labour Government had strongly supported.

Samantha Cameron used to vote Green. Perhaps she does again?

Goldsmith's mother's family made their money as ever so Green mineowners in County Durham, but never mind.

He himself ran a squalid campaign, belonging not in the gutter but in the sewer, for Mayor of London. He deserves to lose his seat.

We have yet to see a complete list of candidates.

But, while I remain as suspicious as ever of the Whig tradition, I am already supporting the re-election of all of the Lib Dem (and Independent) members of Durham County Council, because of their support for the Teaching Assistants.

Goldsmith does deserve to lose to someone.


  1. The Lib Dems are targeting the seat to try and reverse the referendum result by replacing a Tory Leaver with a Lib Dem Remainer. Zac Goldsmith backed Leave, but his constituents voted heavily for Remain.

    Tim Farron tonight told the BBC: "A Lib Dem victory would put huge pressure on Theresa May to avoid an economically disastrous Hard Brexit."

    I back Zac Goldsmith all the way, then. As should all patriots,

    1. As should all racist rabble-rousers who don't really believe it themselves. He is a nasty piece of work (and I had certain dealings with his father, but he is simply not in that league). The bookies already have the Lib Dems odds on to beat him. Short of an extremely good Labour candidate or some development from out of left field, so to speak, then good luck to them. Just this once, but even so.

  2. Thoroughly looking forward to his second defeat in a year.

  3. Tomorrow's Telegraph front page has already called Richmond Park for the Lib Dems.

  4. You know how to deal with racist rabble-rousers, including the ones who do really believe it themselves. They can be made Acting Head of Press and Broadcasting at The Labour Party, but you'll make sure they are never elected to anything for the rest of their lives.

  5. Political ignoranus. You allege to be Labour but support Lib Dems. You should remain barred from ever joining again.

    1. I back the re-election of those County Councillors who, like Jeremy Corbyn but none of them Labour, have supported the Teaching Assistants, and the removal of those County Councillors, all of them Labour, who have knifed the Teaching Assistants. I am standing against one of the latter.