Sunday, 30 October 2016

Voice of the Right

Peter Hitchens is right that there is no more anti-Semitism on the Labour Left than anywhere else, right that Shami Chakrabarti is an excellent addition to the House of Lords, right that we need to expand our rail links to the great airports of the near Continent rather than build new runways here, right about not adopting Central European Time, right that the sixtieth anniversary of Suez ought to cause us to reconsider our insistence on antagonising Russia, right that the Ashers are "rather loudly Christian", and right that the ruling against them was not what the Equality Act intended or specified.


  1. The sixtieth anniversary of Suez should also make us reconsider our relationship with America, especially in view of this year's US Presidential election nightmare.

    1. Indeed.

      The Churchillian concepts of "the Special Relationship" and "the English-Speaking Peoples" had no roots in either popular or elite culture in 1956.

      How they survived even Suez, and went on to thrive thereafter, cries out for further investigation.